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We help people learn to move and eat well so they can build confidence, lean muscle, and feel better in their body


Unlock Your True Potential

Eliminate frustration and overwhelm when it comes to implementing an effective program of exercise, stretching, and nutrition approaches that work.  Our goal is to help you build a safe and effective exercise routine that you enjoy. It’s possible! Strength training and exercise don’t have to suck. In fact, they can be one of the most amazing things in your life if you build the habit and progress with exercises that are safe, effective, and feel good.

Problem: Most people are never taught how to move well, how to stretch effectively, or how to build strength safely and joyfully. Even after 24 years, and coaching thousands of clients and running thousands of group and personal training sessions over the past 14 years, I’m still learning.

Solution: We provide step-by-step coaching to help you move well and establish a training routine that will get you where you want to be and keep you there.

Problem: There’s too much conflicting information, making it hard to know where to turn.

Solution: We’ve learned and continue to learn timeless principles that work for humans, and we coach you to figure out what works for you. With over 100 episodes of the Innate Radio Podcast featuring Dr. Jacob Torres, a PhD research scientist in kidney disease cellular biology at UCSB, we provide valuable insights to guide you on your fitness journey.


Our coaching approach involves clarifying what you want, identifying obstacles, and creating a plan to solve them. We then work with you to commit to action and follow through.

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Programs & Memberships

At Coached by Araza, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals through our range of customized coaching programs and memberships. Our approach is focused on mastering new skills and movements, including deadlifts, kettlebell swings, push-ups, and rows, while also honing your breath mechanics. With our expert guidance and support, you’ll be able to progress safely and effectively towards your goals.

1:1 Private Coaching

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Our 1:1 private coaching is a highly effective way to receive personalized support and guidance that can help you reach your goals faster and with greater success. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health, our expert coaches will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your unique needs and preferences.


Coaching Mentorship

Are you a current coach or personal trainer, or are you aspiring to pursue a career in the fitness industry? If so, our coaching mentorship program is designed to help you expand and elevate your online coaching business. As your mentor, I am dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills required to achieve outstanding success. Enroll in our coaching mentorship program and unlock the secrets to taking your coaching career to the next level.


Fitness Benefits


Improved cardiovascular health


Amplified strength and endurance


Enhanced Energy Levels & Sleep


Increased longevity and cognitive function


Boosted Confidence/Self-Esteem

Why Train?

Popular Goals

Our mission is to help you unlock your full potential and achieve the best version of yourself. We have spent years learning and perfecting our process and programs to get you doing the most productive exercises and lifestyle adjustments that will help you get out of pain and work towards your goals. With our guidance, you can transform your body, mind, and life.

At Coached by Araza, we believe that everyone has the ability to improve, no matter where they are now. We are here to provide you with the education, motivation, and support you need to reach your goals. Whether you want to get out of pain, transform your body, pursue an athletic hobby, or compete, we have the expertise and experience to help you clarify, learn, and implement the things you need to be doing.

We invite you to join our weekly email list for life hacks, simple science, motivation, and stories that will help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Our Pain-Free & Powerful newsletter is sent no more than four times a week, and it is packed with valuable information and inspiration that will keep you motivated and informed.

Strength Training

Our weightlifting and resistance training programs are designed to help individuals increase their muscle mass and strength.


Our stretching and yoga programs are designed to help individuals improve their flexibility, mobility, and reduce the risk of injury.

Heart Health

Our expert coaches work closely with clients to improve their cardiovascular health, helping them increase their endurance, stamina, and overall fitness.

Weight Loss

We offer personalized exercise and nutrition plans that are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals. Our expert strategies will help you achieve a healthier body weight and improve your overall health.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Working with Coached by Araza has been a game-changer for me! Their personalized training and nutrition plan helped me lose 20 pounds and gain confidence in my body. The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive, and always push me to do my best. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a positive change in their health and fitness

Sarah J.

After suffering heart issues, I knew I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes. Andrew helped me develop a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan that not only improved my heart health but also transformed my overall well-being. He provided the perfect balance of support and challenge, pushing me to reach my goals while ensuring my safety and comfort. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before.

Daniel C.

I signed up for the 3 Week Kickstarter program, and it was the perfect kickstart to my fitness journey. The program helped me establish healthy habits and routines that I’ve been able to maintain long after the program ended. The coaches were supportive and motivating throughout the process, and I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made with their help.

Martin S.

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Gain confidence in your movement, body, and self by becoming more mobile and stronger through all of your movements. Learn and practice proper breathing mechanics and easy exercises that add no extra time to your day, which can improve posture, decrease stress, enhance your physique, and reduce or eliminate pain. Discover and build your core muscles in ways you never have before, and learn to stretch effectively to reduce pain and postural distortions from sitting a majority of the day. Embrace a nutrition approach that works for you, is sustainable, and enjoyable. Lastly, learn a safe and productive strength and conditioning routine that you may or may not even enjoy.